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Our Testimonials


Clare S.     5/25/2017    
San Francisco, CA

I had the chance to visit quickly the weekend before last. The word I would use to describe the place is "happy!"

I also had the pleasure to finally meet a few members of the key staff Andrew, Trevor and Dan Dan. They all conduct themselves with joy, dignity, and a devotion to the residents which goes far beyond what is required of them.

I can't wait to visit again this summer. Thanks for all you do!

David M., son of resident     1/5/2017    
Washington, DC

Dear Kensington Park Staff,

For the last three years you have cared for my mother Evelyn as if she were a member of your own family. This should be no surprise to me. I have always understood that such a community of people, both those in need and those providing their care, IS a family, and why should Kensington Park be any different?

But there is something more I am trying to express. My mother's late life was very difficult for her. I'm not sure she ever really transitioned, from her husband's death in 2013, to moving from her lifelong home in Georgia to Maryland, to accepting (sort of) her increasing limitations and need for help... these are but the last chapters in a long story which seemed to accelerate and become more and more condensed and confusing to her over the last few years.

As I consider your part in that story, I am made aware of how gracefully and professionally you helped her to navigate her changes. More than that, in the face of all her doubts and fears, you treated her with dignity, kindness, respect, and not least, LOVE. And when she needed it most - in this last year, when all else began to fail her - you were steadfast in your care and did not falter; and she recognized this, and she embraced you all.

I could not possibly ask for anything more.

On behalf of my family, with great respect, admiration, and love,

David M.

Carolyn L.     4/9/2015    
Pros at Memory Care

I did a lot of research before entrusting my mother's care to the Groves at Kensington Park. Almost a year later, I am still happy with the decision. The well-staffed residence is full of kind, caring people who know how to deal with the "quirks" of people with dementia. I also appreciate their responsiveness whenever I have a question.

Nancy R.     3/2/2015    
Great experience!

I have been at Kensington Park for about three years now, and I really like this place. I like the personnel, the people who are here, the food, and the activities that they offer. So far it has been a great experience, and I'm glad to be here.

Joanne M.     2/17/2015    
Kensington Park Independent Retirement Living is the best you'll ever find

I assisted my Mother in moving into Kensington Park's Independent Living community last September. Everything from A to zed, and everyone there was and continues to be kind, gentle, on-the-ball with whatever has needed to be done, and top notch in all ways. I am so happy she is there, she is so happy to be there and loves the people, the style and quality, and the great warmth and joyousness of the staff and whole community. After looking at many retirement communities in the Washington/Maryland area, and having traveled and lived in varied parts of the U.S. and abroad, Kensington Park is far and away the best around. Their standards of care are high and they keep their actions and words to meet that high level of care alive.


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