Assisted Living

An Enhanced Program of Care at Kensington Park - The Woodlands


Kensington Park is an “enhanced” assisted living community in Montgomery County, MD. Our enhanced license differentiates us from other traditional assisted living communities. It permits us to offer a full spectrum of clinical support. As a result, residents do not need to move out of Kensington Park if assisted living health care needs change or increase.


Our enhanced program of
     care makes it possible for
     residents to continue living
     here, even if assisted living
     health care needs change
     or increase.Maryland Assisted Living Facility


As a result, we offer assistance that includes a full spectrum of clinical support - beyond what many traditional assisted living communities offer. This enables residents to "age in place." They will not have to move out if assisted living health care needs change or increase.


Kensington Park weaves professional care in a heartfelt way into the everyday lives of our residents. With a high degree of sensitivity, our caregivers help resident patiently with even the smallest of tasks; watch carefully for cues when they should lend more support; and retreat when appropriate so residents can remain as independent as possible.


We find or create ways to help residents feel comfortable, secure, happy and dignified. We build care into the rapport we cultivate with residents. To create the best conditions for this “relationship-based” focus, we assign a primary care manager to each resident.


The consistent attention of one individual keeps the continuum of familiarity intact. It also preserves meaningful routines for residents. Ultimately, the bond between residents, their care manager and the entire team deepens, and the care experience becomes pleasant and dignified rather than stressful.


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Program Highlights

  • Primary Care Manager Program
  • Full-time RN that coordinates all aspects of a resident’s nursing and medical care
  • Licensed nurses on-site 24/7
  • Physician Office on-site, with regular office hours
  • Physical Therapy and Fitness Center on-site
  • Medication Administration handled by Licensed Nurses
  • Social Activities available 7 days a week, from morning till evening
  • All day Dining with table linens, china and crystal
  • Wide variety of Suite Plans with options for private or companion living


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